The G Street Cooperative Playgroup was established in 2004 to meet the demands of our growing Capitol Hill community. Located in the historic Christ Church in Washington DC,
G Street, a wholly parent-run school, provides an opportunity for children to achieve social growth through organized and freeplay relationships outside the home.


Parents serve as teachers about twice a month and two parents are always on duty for each class. Traditionally, each class has consisted of no more than eight children and a nominal fee is charged.



The program runs two morning classes for children turning two by December 31st. The programs run from approximately 9am to 12pm, on two separate schedules:


Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday. You will be able to select your program at the lottery. There are a total of 16 slots available, 8 in each group.


School begins after Labor Day and runs until the end of the DC Public School calendar year. G Street follows the DCPS calendar and school closing schedule for the days affected per enrollment option (M/W/F, T/Th).


The bylaws of the Cooperative have allowed the program to change depending on the wants and needs of its members including, in years past, a summer session and a separate class for three year olds.





Membership fees for the G Street Cooperative are approximately:

$550/ 2 day program (T/TH)

$675/ 3 day program (M/W/F)

Note that these fees might be modified by the incoming Board in order to meet budgetary requirements.



There is a $25 application fee due at the time of your child's school application.