This policy applies to families who are seeking to enroll twins or siblings in the same G Street Class. All references to siblings below apply to twins or other siblings in the same class.



Families are asked to complete one application per child and note the other
child’s name on each application so that G Street is aware that the family has more than one child to enroll.



At the lottery, if a child’s name is pulled and that child has a sibling, and there are still two or more spots in the class, both children will be put into the class, filling two places in the class. If one child’s name is pulled to fill the last spot in the class, that child will fill the class and their sibling will be given sibling preference and placed at the top of the wait list.


Filling class openings off of the wait list

When there is an opening in a class the opening will be offered to the family at the top of the wait list. If one child in a family fills an open spot, their sibling will be moved to the top of the wait list and offered the next available spot in that class.


Duty Days

All families work one set of duty shifts for each child enrolled in a G Street class (with two parents on duty each day that means 2 of every 8 duty shifts per enrolled child). For families with twins or siblings in the same class, this means that in a class of 8 children, the parents of the twins or siblings will be expected to work 4 out of every 8 duty shifts. This may be modified by agreement among the families in each class.


Changes to Class Size

G Street class sizes are currently 8 children. Any request to increase class size to accommodate siblings or other exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the sitting Board of Directors and the families in the class and in accordance with the G Street's bylaws.